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    Letting Go

    “In the end these things matter most:

    How well did you love?

    How fully did you love?

    How deeply did you learn to let go?”


    When I was staying out at my parents’ beach house recently, I went for a walk by myself.  It was bittersweet, and I found myself misty-eyed as I looked at the familiar surroundings.  The trees, the beach, the forest path, the mossy meadow; they’re dear old friends of mine.  So many memories are attached to the home in which I grew up.

    Today marks the day that a young couple and their dog will move into the house.  They’re expecting a child in the Spring, so our old home will be filled with new life.

    As I took my walk along the beach, my mind bounced between feeling nostalgic and feeling happy for the young family that would soon enjoy this piece of West-Coast heaven.  I got to my favourite spot,  (a mossy little meadow where I used to play guitar with my friends on warm summer nights,) and I photographed my shadow.  For some reason, I was compelled to make a peace sign with my fingers, and now I know why.

    It’s time.  It’s time to make peace with the fact that our old home will be enjoyed by another family.  We were fortunate to occupy it for so many years, and we’ll still be able to walk that stretch of beach whenever the spirit moves us, but it’s time to start letting go.

    Buddha believed that all suffering is caused by attachment.  It’s true.  I’m attached; but I’m slowly letting go.  (I just never realized it would be so hard.)

    peace sign


    ocean peek

    fall beach

    mossy patch


    6 comments to Letting Go

    • Aurora

      My family asks me if I find it difficult to let go of this same beach house that we built over thirty years ago and whose walls could tell all our family stories. Yes, it is difficult but the memories will be always with me and I have come to know that once you have experienced letting your children fly on their own and you’ve dealt with missing them and worrying about them….. Once you’ve lost parents and loved ones….. Once you realize that when one door shuts there’s another one waiting to be opened and you are anxious to see what’s behind it…. Once you embrace the fact that “things” are just “things” and not what matters most …… Well, then, all is right and the rest of your life continues to unfold. Time for another family to make their memories…. The walls are waiting for them.
      Now, if one of you could just win the lottery and buy the home………

    • Audrey Engstrom

      “Memories are made of That”

      Who sang it???

    • Aurora

      Hi Audrey -It’s actually Memories are made of This – Dean Martin made it famous and there’s a youtube clip to check out.

    • Karen

      I wonder why they didn’t just call it, “Memories are made of this and that,” thank you for your comments ladies, I love hearing the wisdom of Grateful Grand-Mamas!!!

    • I had a similar experience but with a car… I know it doesn’t sound like someone could get an attachment to car like you would a home. But… We were on our 14month honeymoon, and while in Australia for 9 months we bought a car and drove it around the country. 39,000km we put on it and we saw so many wonderful things with it, and met so many wonderful people. It was a bit heartbreaking to sell her; we had been through so much together. I would have brought her home to Canada if I could have. She was our shelter in rainstorms, our kitchen, and our bed at times, and of course we relied on her for transport. But she was off for another trip with another young couple from Spain this time and I hope they enjoyed her as much as we did.

    • Karen

      I completely get that.

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