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    Tender noses

    “Be gentle to all and stern with yourself.”

    Saint Teresa

    Sometimes I marvel at the unlikely situations that fill me with pride.  Nose-blowing for example.

    Pip has maintained a fairly positive attitude despite her nasty cold.  I feel as though I’ve been wiping her nose intermittently for the past two weeks, and I have a new appreciation for how she feels because I’ve now caught the bug.

    I was reading her a bed-time story when I was overcome by a coughing fit.  “I know you’re sick, Mama, but you just follow the dream that I had for you, the dream to not be sick anymore, and each day you’ll feel a little bit better.”  She comforted me by rubbing my arm, and as she was doing so, she noticed my attire.  “Hey Mama, you’re really wearing a lot of black! You’re like one big black flower!”

    She made me laugh, which in turn made her laugh.  “Have you seen a black flower, Pip?”  I honestly wasn’t sure if there was such a thing.

    “Of course, Mama, you’re a black flower!”  As my daughter showered sweetness upon me, a heavy stream of clear fluid started snaking its way out of her nose.

    “Let me get a tissue for you,” I said.

    As I was wiping Pip’s tender little nose for the umpteenth time I took note of a bit of chafed skin beneath her nostrils.  “Was I gentle enough, Honey?”  I asked her empathetically.

    She looked at me with sincerity and replied, “Mama, you’re the gentlest nose-blower in all the world.”

    A title I’m extremely proud to hold.

    cozy pip

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