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    “My religion is very simple.  My religion is kindness.”

    Dalai Lama

    Bath-time is typically an enjoyable activity at our house.  Last night was no exception; Pip and Crazybaby were making each other laugh by holding cloths in their mouths like puppies.  (It’s funny how their little games hold absolutely no appeal to my husband and I, but the girls find them absolutely hilarious.)  The energy being exchanged between our daughters was positive, fun and happy.  It all changed in the blink of an eye.

    Crazybaby reached for a toy seal that had lay floating, unnoticed for the entire bath, but Pip decided it was suddenly irresistible and grabbed it out of Crazybaby’s hands.  Instantly, Crazybaby grabbed a decent fistful of Pip’s hair and yanked. Pip screamed, Crazybaby cried, and the vibe in our mellow blue bathroom was instantly altered.  I could feel the aggression emanating from both girls like lightning bolts shooting across the tub at each other.

    It shouldn’t surprise me that energy between two people can change so dramatically and quickly; it’s human nature.  It happens all the time.  But everything is so raw with children.  They don’t have language to complicate their feelings, they just let it all hang out.

    Within a couple of minutes, peace was restored.  Pip calmed down and we talked through the situation; I explained that Crazybaby’s actions were indeed wrong, but she had been reacting to Pip grabbing the toy.     “If you’re nice to her, Pip, she’ll be nice to you.”

    Isn’t that how the world should work?

    2 comments to Kindness

    • dariol haydock

      i love the new website with such beautiful pics of your precious girls..remember me I’m the picture girl….hope you get this..i love you..will call in the next few make my heart sing

    • Karen

      Thank you, beautiful Mama in Mexico!

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