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    “When you love someone, all your saved up wishes start coming out.”

    Elizabeth Bowen

    I was changing Fig’s diaper after she’d had a fairly emotional morning.  There was no apparent reason for her angst, she just seemed to be having one of those teary days when nothing satisfied her.  As I finished dressing her, she stood up on the changetable and reached for a candle (unlit) that was hanging in a holder on the wall.  She held the candle in front of me and sang a lovely rendition of, “Happy Birthday to Mama,” before telling me to make a wish.  I pretended to blow out the candle, and then she asked,  “What did you wish for Mama?”

    “I wished that there wouldn’t be any more crying today.”  Truly, I did.

    Fig looked disappointed.  “Do you think I’ll get my wish?” I asked her.

    “No,” she said quickly, “but you will get a pony.”


    4 comments to Wishes

    • Aurora

      Karen, I would like to tell all your readers how wonderful it is as one of your childrens’ Grammas to have you share all your stories with us. Although we are fortunate enough to live in the same city and we can be a large part of each others lives, I’m sure some of the gems you relate wouldn’t make it to our ears if not for this blog. I write this in the hope that more Moms or Dads out there might take the time to do the same for their extended families. A priceless gift to those who love your children! Thank you!

    • Karen

      Thanks Mom! Very sweet.

    • Amy

      Your Victoria cousin sure enjoys the giggles! We have the same sort of stories, only with boys…and one VERY busy little girl. Hope to see you soon

    • Marnie

      Sorry Mom.

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