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    My name is Karen and I’m a very grateful mama.   I started writing monthly updates about my children when my first daughter was a few months old and I’d email them to family and friends.  In April of 2009, my cousin Sheryl suggested that I start a blog to share my little snippets of motherhood with the world and  I was blogging a week later!

    My mission is to help mothers feel connected.  Motherhood is a beautiful journey, but it can be very isolating.  I love the idea of connecting with other mamas every day to share joys, struggles, fears and reflections.

    I’m new at the technological side of blogging, but I’ve enjoyed photography and writing for a long time, and I love being a mother!  Personally, blogging serves me in many ways; I enjoy creating, I feel more spiritually grounded because I’m taking the time to reflect, and I feel a part of a community of like-minded mamas.

    I live on Vancouver Island, with my husband, my two daughters, ‘Pip’ and ‘Fig’ and our three pets.  I was 40 years old when I had Pip and 42 when I had Fig, so I did a lot of living prior to becoming a mother.  I traveled the world, taught school in West Vancouver for 13 years, drummed in a professional band, and lived on a beautiful little Caribbean Island for a year.  I believe that all of the rich experiences I had as a single woman help me to appreciate the sacred role that I now play as a mother.

    I hope that you enjoy my posts.  I hope that occasionally I make you smile or think or just remind you that you are not alone!