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    Our Favourite Board-books

    Farm Animals by Phoebe Dunn

    Random House publishes this ‘chunky’ book…it’s super tiny for little hands.  Fig loves it right now because it has great photographs of all of the animals we see at the petting zoo!  It isn’t a ‘story’ per se; there are animal labels on each page, but the strength of the book lies in the photographs.  Kids, of course, love to make animal sounds as well.

    Fig making the 'Twinkle' request

    Here's Fig selecting the 'Twinkle' book

    The ‘Amazing Baby’ book series

    These books are recommended for 6-18 months, but even Pip enjoys them because she can read them to her sister.  They are SUPER simple and capitalize on the colours and patterns that stimulate babies.  We were given ‘Twinkle, Twinkle,’ and we love it!!!

    Welcome Song For Baby; a lullaby for newborns

    by Richard Van Camp

    This is a very sweet Canadian boardbook.  The photographs are gorgeous and the text is a BIG hit with our daughters.  It makes a lovely gift, but be forewarned that in our community every new mom gets one.   (At least I got one when I had Crazybaby.)  I’ve also seen it carried in local bookstores.