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    Responsible Kids

    Let your kids help you! Kids love to be given responsibilities. It’s sometimes tempting to do things yourself because you know you’ll be faster and more productive, but enlisting the help of your kids will benefit everyone in the long-run. &&It’s not always appealing to a child to simply ‘help’ an adult with household chores, so create a special job instead. Think about your daily routines and come up with a specific task that your child can perform independently. She or he will do it every day, and become the ‘expert.’ Before long, you won’t even have to ask for the job to be done, your child will jump into action automatically. Remember to give lots of positive reinforcement along the way.

    In the classroom I would post a chart and each student would have a special ‘job’ to perform throughout the day. It made students feel important and worthy, and the class ran like a well-oiled machine. (Most days.)