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    “Breathe” and other mantras from the old blog

    The following is a collection of mama mantra’s from my first blog:

    1. “Breathe”

    Your baby is crying to be picked up, your three-year-old just wet her pants, you’re trying to get everyone out the door and you’re not even dressed yet. Hit pause for a few seconds and take a long, deep, cleansing breath. It does the trick for me. Sometimes I’m even able to find the humour in the situation. (Not every time.)

    2. “Thank you.”

    3. “Be in the moment.”

    4. “Slow it down.”
    Have you noticed that children roll at a much slower pace than we do? I’m not talking about their level of energy, I’m talking about how long it takes them to put on a pair of socks. Yes, there are times when we have places to go and people to see and we need to stay on schedule, but when there’s nothing pressing, try to slow things down and enjoy the ride!

    5. “This too shall pass.”
    When you’re having a challenging moment, (or a challenging week,) it helps to remind yourself that it will pass. As my father always told me, “The one thing you can count on in life, is change.”

    6. “Find the funny.”
    7. “I am not alone.”
    No matter what you are experiencing at any given moment, another mother somewhere has experienced the same thing.
    So whenever you feel exasperated, take comfort in knowing that you are not alone!

    8. “Keep it simple.”

    This mantra applies to everything. If you can simplify your day-do it. If you can simplify the meal you’re cooking-do it. If you can simplify the craft you’re making-do it. If you can simplify your child’s birthday party-do it. Make life easier on yourself; you deserve it!

    9. “I am a goddess.”
    Because you are. And people don’t tell you enough. Trust me.