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    Mama Mantra

    “I radiate love.”

    Mothers do this naturally and it is beautiful to witness.  Every once in awhile though, when your patience is being tried by small (or large) people, it helps to see yourself as a big ball of love energy.  I’m serious.  Give it a try.


    “Go easy.”

    This mantra is in honour of my Italian grandmother, Carmela.  English was her second language and, whenever she said good-bye to us, instead of saying, “Take it easy,” she’d say, “Go easy.”  Don’t you love it?  As you’re ‘going’ through your week, make sure you go easy.

    “Don’t worry.”

    I know.  It’s easier said than done.  I wouldn’t have called myself a worrier before I had my daughters, but now there seem to be a host of new things to worry about.  We all know that worrying is a waste of our precious energy, so when you catch yourself worrying about something, (from your daughter’s safety to what appetizer you should take to the party,) follow these three simple steps: 1. Be aware that you’re worrying 2. Ask yourself if there’s anything you can do about the situation to eliminate the worry, (like put a lifejacket on your daughter or go online to search for recipes.) 3. If you can do something, DO IT RIGHT AWAY, and if you can’t…FORGET ABOUT IT!  (Remember the serenity prayer?  It’s good stuff.) posts

    “I am a goddess.”

    Because you are.  And people don’t tell you often enough.  Trust me.