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    Sleeping with the light on

    “Fear grows in darkness; if you think there’s a bogeyman around, turn on the light.”

    Dorothy Thompson

    Recently, Pip has started asking for her light to be kept on when she goes to bed at night. She thought the things in her room looked scary […]

    Photo Panel

    I just wanted to let you all know about a panel of professional photographers that is presenting tomorrow morning from 10am until 12 noon at the D’Esterre House in Comox. Admission is $3.00 and all ages are welcome. (Seniors get in free!) I’m very honoured, and humbled to be one of the panelists, and will […]

    What matters

    “Kids: they dance before they know there is anything that isn’t music.”

    William Stafford

    My mom is a tap-dancer. She taught me to dance when I was four years old, and before my daughter’s third birthday, Mom had given her a pair of tap-shoes. […]


    “The moment you say ‘I know everything’ is the end of your growth.”

    Sharon Lee

    “Pip, you need to put some clothes on,” is a phrase I find myself uttering, not just in the morning, but several times a day. My daughter simply […]

    Santa’s Surprise

    “The secret to humour is surprise.”


    I like holiday traditions. I particularly relish this process of creating new traditions with my own little family based on my husband’s and my past experiences, and the dreams we share for our daughters. Some traditions are incredibly meaningful, some are magical, and some […]