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    “Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions,

    they pass no criticisms.”

    ~George Eliot

    Our poor pets rank fairly low on the list of priorities now that we have two children. We love them dearly, (well, I love our cats, but my husband merely tolerates […]


    “It’s a cruel season that makes you get ready for bed while it’s light out.”

    Bill Watterson

    I have a confession to make. My sixteen-month-old daughter has been waking up in the middle of the night, (usually around 3 or 4am,) and I’ve been nursing her back to sleep. I […]

    This little piggy

    “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist

    once he grows up.”

    Pablo Picasso

    We’ve been taking Pip and Crazybaby to the local petting zoo on a regular basis. They LOVE it; each in their own way. Pip is our little observer and […]

    Think like a grandparent

    “Grandma always made you feel she had been waiting to see just you all day

    and now the day was complete.”

    ~Marcy DeMaree

    All of the grandparents I meet tell me how much they appreciate being with their grandchildren. Certainly part of it has to do with […]

    Dirty-floor pride

    “Housework, if you do it right, will kill you.” Erma Bombeck

    It’s so important to have conversations with parents who are not of your generation. I was at a function and found myself talking to two people in their sixties, who were both stay-at-home parents in their early twenties. They had asked […]


    “My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.”

    Dalai Lama

    Bath-time is typically an enjoyable activity at our house. Last night was no exception; Pip and Crazybaby were making each other laugh by holding cloths in their mouths like puppies. (It’s funny how their little games hold absolutely no appeal […]


    “Change your language and you change your thoughts.”

    Karl Albrecht

    The other day I was reading a board book with Crazybaby, and on one page there were about ten different items illustrated. Just for fun, I started questioning her about the items, “Can you point to the Tiger? Can you point […]


    “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”


    It’s happening. Pip and Crazybaby are starting to play their own little games together and it’s an astonishingly exciting development.

    Before we had Crazybaby, I sort of took for granted the fact […]