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    “Use your precious moments to live life fully every single second of every single day.”

    Marcai Wieder

    I overheard my husband having a little moment the other day.  He was eating breakfast with the girls and I was in the bathroom getting ready for an appointment.  Fig was sitting on his lap and Pip was in her booster chair.  They were sitting at the big, fir dining table that he had crafted himself, almost twenty years ago.

    Fig was putting her finger inside a knot-hole on the surface of the table.

    “What’s that spot Dad?” asked Pip.

    “It’s a knot in the wood, Pip.  When I was building this table, I remember thinking the knot would add character to the table, make it special.”

    There was a long pause.  Spoons clinked against bowls, then my husband continued, “You know Pip, way back when I made this table, I had no idea that my two daughters would be siting at it with me, and I had no idea that my baby girl would like playing with this little knot-hole.”

    In the bathroom, I smiled as I brushed my hair.

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