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    The Luxury of Illness

    Sickness comes on horseback but departs on foot.

    Dutch Proverb, sometimes attributed to William C. Hazlitt


    I have to warn you that this might be a pitiful post.  I’m feeling a wee bit woeful.  On the heels of an ugly fever a week or so ago, I’m now enjoying a popular gastrointestinal bug that has hit many of my close friends in the past few days.  If it was just the nausea and stomach upset alone, I wouldn’t be feeling so sorry for myself, but I’m dealing with two other health issues at the moment.  The first is a VERY impressive third day of ‘celebrating my womanhood’ and the second (and third) are my two aching mammaries due to weaning Fig.  Yes; I decided to quit cold turkey four days ago and I’m still having to pump once a day.

    So there it is.  I’m not at my peak of health.  I’ve been ill before, but it occurs to me now, as a mother, that illness is a bit of a luxury.  Instead of being able to hide myself away in bed for twenty-four hours as I could do when I was childless, I now have to participate in the day and be responsible for my children.  Granted, I can choose to lay pretty low, (and it’s very convenient when I feel sick on a weekend and can rely on my husband’s support,) but oh, how I miss those luxurious days, when I could call in sick to work and focus all of my energy on resting, drinking plenty of fluids, and becoming well.

    I will say that my two little nurses are pretty cute.  A tiny, soft hand caressing my forehead is sure to speed up my recovery.

    I hope you, my readers, are enjoying a wonderful day of good health.  Perhaps my whining has, at the very least, made you appreciate that you’re feeling well.

    And thank you for reading.  There haven’t been many comments as of late, but I’m able to check on my readership through a nifty programme called, ‘Google Analytics,’ and according to Google, you’re still out there!  Thanks for joining me.

    6 comments to The Luxury of Illness

    • Reed

      Hi Karen,

      Yes we are reading! Sorry you are not feeling well. I have kept quiet because not being a parent myself I am careful to not wade into territory that I am not living myself. There is a saying that the best parents have no children, i.e. we think we know everything! It is very easy for someone without children to say what one should and should not do, but it is very different when faced with it.

      So all I can say is I “hear” you. Your thoughts, joys, and fears are all heard and thank you for continuing to share this beautiful journey with us.

    • Karen

      Such sweet & wise comments Reed! Thank you. I have no doubt that, when the time comes, you are going to be a fabulous mama!

    • Diana

      Karen, I’m a ‘faithful’ reader even though I don’t typically comment. I enjoy each post, however I am still a wee bit sad that your entries are no longer daily…. Sigh. Yes, that’s purely a selfish comment. I’m sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling well, but am comforted to know that you are under the tender care of two nurses-in-training! Take care!

    • Karen

      I love hearing from faithful readers, Diana! Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I do love the time I spend writing and perhaps one day I’ll have more spare time to get back to the daily entries…2027 perhaps?

    • Allison

      I was just hit with this same bug and it was awful! I think my oldest daughter may have actually saved my life by making me chicken soup after 2 days of not eating. So not only do the days of being able to rest and recuperate return but you get wonderful nurses who bring you soup and ginger ale and wake you up to make sure you are still okay.
      I used to love these “dispatches from the future” my aunt would share with me back in the day when I couldn’t believe my children would ever be able to get their own swim things ready for the beach. Now they sometimes care for me!

    • Karen

      That sounds lovely Allison! They must’ve learned their nurturing ways from their Mama!