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    A Conspiracy of Love

    “Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.”

    – Hamilton Wright Mabi

    Now that I have an opportunity to write, I’m realizing that I really missed my daily postings last week!  It reminds me of when I moved away from home to go to the University of Alberta and my sister didn’t shed a tear when I left, but she bawled like a baby when I returned home for the Christmas holiday.

    Sometimes you don’t realize how much you’ve missed your  love, until you are reacquainted.

    I have four ideas for posts today, but I’m going to write about my first Santa-photo-shoot because I’m just so excited about the entire experience.  Not only was the actual ‘shoot’ fun and exciting, but the processing and packaging was fulfilling as well.  As I slipped each photo into a greeting card  I imagined how the parents would react when they opened the envelopes and saw their little beauties on Santa’s lap.  Some images were hilarious, some were sweet, and, as I prepared each photo, I learned that just the idea of providing parents with a lasting image of a precious moment in time really rocks my world!!!   My next photo-shoot isn’t until next Saturday, and already I cannot wait to get back at it!!!  It’s a good sign.

    What I really want to write about is Timothy.  He showed up after the shoot was over and Santa had left the building, (with a very happy-looking Mrs. Claus I might add,)

    “Is Santa gone?” he asked.

    “Yes, I’m afraid so.”

    “Will he be here tomorrow?”

    “No, but he’ll be here next Saturday,”  I said as I packed up my equipment.

    “Oh.  I won’t be able to come next Saturday.  Do you take the pictures of Santa?”


    “Can you give him my list?”

    Timothy reached into his pocket and pulled out his carefully written Christmas list.  Now, I had anticipated that I would have a good time taking photos of kids, I suspected that I would enjoy watching the magical exchange between Santa and each child he conversed with, but I didn’t expect that a child would consider me a part of that magic.  Timothy surprised me by assuming that I had a direct line to Santa.

    “Of course,” I said, checking the list, “is your name on it?”

    “Nope; my name’s Timothy.”

    “Okay Timothy.”

    I have the list in my camera bag and will most definitely give it to Santa, along with some special-secret- signal.  With any luck, Timothy will make it to the mall one Saturday before Christmas, and wouldn’t it be grand if Santa pulled Timothy’s list out from his pocket?

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