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    Feminine Fun

    “A three-year-old child is a being who gets almost as much fun out of a fifty-six dollar set of swings as it does out of finding a small green worm.”

    Bill Vaughn

    When Fig is too quiet, it usually means trouble.  I was in Pip’s bedroom, assisting with her fifteenth costume-change of the day, when I noticed that Fig wasn’t with us.  “Where’s Fig?”  I asked Pip.

    “I don’t know, Mama.”   I called Fig’s name.  There was no answer.

    “It’s awfully quiet,” I said to Pip as I attached her butterfly wings.  “Let’s see what your sister’s up to.”  I walked out of the bedroom calling Fig’s name.  No sign of her in the bathroom, nor in the master-bedroom.  She wasn’t in the kitchen.

    “Here she is Mama!”  Pip yelled from the living room.  I turned the corner to find Fig carefully unwrapping her tenth tampon.


    I did what any responsible disciplinarian would do; I grabbed my camera.  I also took some solace in the fact that these weren’t my favourite brand of feminine protection.  It was one of those emergency purchases at the Merville Store, where selection is limited.  The unused members of the box had sat under the bathroom sink for months, and I suspect they were quite thrilled to see the light of day and to realize that they were to be used as toys.

    happy tamps

    Fig quickly discovered that the cardboard tubes fit perfectly on her fingers.  “Mama, Puppet!”  she proudly announced.

    finger sport

    After playing with the tampon puppets for a time, the inevitable happened…

    first mouth

    but nothing prepared me for this:

    two mouth

    I don’t think I’ll ever view feminine protection in quite the same way!

    5 comments to Feminine Fun

    • Marnie

      Loooove the pics! I’ll never forget when Ava had a chipmunk mouthful of something… and promptly spat out about 10 OBs. Spencer also went through a stage of rushing to my bathroom and frantically emptying as many tampon boxes as he could before I found him. Kids and tampons?!

    • Karen

      Katherine just emailed me to say they make good cat toys as well!

    • Michelle

      Thanks for the Friday night giggles! Love your Chinese Food post too! Can totally picture that… But this post was just so awesome for the pics, Karen! I wish I remembered to pull out my camera at moments like that! You are an inspiration!

    • Did Pip ask you want they where for? I’m dreading that question. Or pads? my Mom told us they where mouse beds.

    • Karen

      Ah, mouse beds! You must’ve thought they were lucky little mice to have such comfy, clean little beds. I think somewhere along the way Pip must’ve asked what they were for because I remember dodging the question by simply saying they were ‘just for grown up ladies.’

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