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    “Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions,

    they pass no criticisms.”

    ~George Eliot

    Our poor pets rank fairly low on the list of priorities now that we have two children.  We love them dearly, (well, I love our cats, but my husband merely tolerates them,) but lets face it: the kids come first.

    I’m surprised that our two cats and dog don’t resent the girls more.  Sebastian, our patient Springer Spaniel, has even been ousted out of his doggie basket occasionally due to overcrowding.  (For some reason it has become a favourite location for pat-a-cake.)

    The cats have, unfortunately, decorated Crazybaby with a scratch or two, but she was being too rough and I do want her to learn how to respect the space of animals; especially those who aren’t a part of our family.

    I’d like to publicly thank our pets for adapting so well to these new, boisterous members of the family.  I apologize for this temporary lack of attention, but hopefully there will be four times as much love coming their way in the future.


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